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"Business grows where Cash Flows"

Cash flow has been deemed the most important factor affecting longevity of any business as indicated by a survy of business owners, we help you manage your business's cash flow effectively.


We provide traditional services provided by CPA firms, which includes Tax preparation, Accounting, Audits, Payroll and business consulting.  


Some business owners may need a Part-Time CFO.  Today's business environment requires advanced Accounting and Management skills.  Some business owners decide to delegate this to a Part-Time CFO, so they can focus on their Sales, Marketing and business expansion.  We make on-site visits to your business, and or connect to your computer systems remotely and provide services or monitor your activities.  This frees you from your financial worries and lets you spend your time on what you do best which is Marketing and Sales.


We provide you with a menu of choices for different types of services we provide with cost estimates associated with every level of service desired, based on your selections, we provide you with a cost projection in advance so you know how much our services will cost monthly,  you know what to expect to pay for our services, there are no surprises.


We review your past 3 years of tax returns free of charge to first understand your business and its unique qualities, this also gives a chance to determine if errors were made or tax credits were missed.  We then provide you with a free analysis of your business's tax exposure and possible ways to reduce your tax burden while achieving a more efficient way of restructuring the tax aspects of your business.


We can review your accounting software, payroll sofware, manufacturing, inventory, billing and Accounts Payable sub-systems to see if there are any solutions availble to improve your  systems or policy and procedures and make them more efficient or secure.  

Financial Calculators


  • ​Tax

  • Payroll

  • Certified Audits

  • CFO On-Call

  • Advisory

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Bookkeeping

  • Cash Management

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